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The Festival Myth Buster

Myth - Its the HTAs Festival.
Truth - Absolutely not. The HTA organise Musselburgh Festival for the people of Musselburgh to enjoy and to keep the history and traditions of the town alive.

Myth - You need to be involved with the HTA to be involved.
Truth - Wrong, anyone from any town can be involved

Myth - You need to be involved with the HTA to decorate your house.
Truth - Anyone who wishes to decorate there house can, in fact the more the better.

Myth - You need to be asked to stand for honest lad or lass.
Truth - Anyone who wishes to stand for honest lad or lass should contact the HTA secretary via the festival website. www.honesttoun.co.uk

Myth - You need to be able to ride to stand for honest lad or lass.
Truth - If you can’t ride the HTA will pay for some lessons for you.You are however, expected to be able to attain a certain skill level. We would recommend you take a few lessons before applying to ensure that you feel it is something you could do.

Myth - You need to be rich to be involved in Festival.
Truth - Definitely not true. The HTA gives each person within the Official Party a grant in order to help with costs. Donations from the Honest Lads Association also help to cover some Border Ball ticket costs. The HTA pay for some of the Border ride outs. The HTA also encourage the official party and their families to try to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Myth - You need to be involved with the HTA to be on the committee.
Truth - Anyone can apply to be on the HTA committee. Nomination forms must be obtained from the Secretary prior to the AGM to enable the Committee to assess the numbers involved. Constitutionally, the Executive Committee has a limit of 15 members, however, the Association is always looking for additional volunteers to assist in the planning of each event.

Myth - You can only stand for Honest Lad or Honest Lass if you are 18 or 19
Truth - The youngest you can be is 18 for Honest Lass and 19 for Honest Lad. In the early years of Festival the Honest Lads & Honest Lasses were an average age of 25.


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Musselburgh Festival Last Updated 2nd January 2014