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Candidates for Honest Lad & Lass 2015

Jamie Cameron
Candidate 2015

Jamie is 20 years old, and lives in Musselburgh with his family. He attended Campie Nursey, Stoneyhill Primary School and then on to Musselburgh Grammar School, where he was a prefect. Jamie is currently finishing his second year at Heriot-Watt University where he is studying biological sciences. In his childhood, Jamie attended the 1st Musselburgh Cub Scout group. A keen horse rider, Jamie has been riding for many years, and works at Kailzie Equestrian Centre in Peebles, and has also been a member of the Crusaders Riding club since 2012.  He has taken part in many ride outs since the age of 12 in Musselburgh and around the borders. Jamie also has a part-time job in the co-operative food at Stoneybank. His other interests include music and socialising with friends. Jamie has been a keen supporter of the Musselburgh Festival since a young age, taking part in the parade as a youngster and watching the ride outs, cheering on the official party. Jamie was honoured to be co-opted as an attendant to the Honest Lad and Lass in 2014 and had a fantastic summer representing Musselburgh around the borders and is looking forward to being a part of Musselburgh Festival again this year.


Kieran Davidson
Candidate 2015

Kieran Davidson is 24 years old, Kieran went to Levenhall nursery and Loretto primary school. He went to St David's High School and then  to Oatridge College to do equine studies. He was honoured to be an attendant to the Honest Lad and Lass last year, during which time he had an unforgettable experience taking part in all other borders festivals and most importantly his own. He can't wait to be part of it all again in 2015. He has a few part time jobs which include working for his Uncle in Wilson's fruit shop, riding racehorses for a number of trainers in Perth and the Borders. Working at Musselburgh racecourse on race days and looking after children at breakfast club, crèches and after school clubs around East Lothian.
When he isn't working he enjoys horse riding, listening to music, cooking, meeting up with friends, playing sports and keeping fit. He is also an active member of the Musselburgh Crusaders Riding Club and has been an avid supporter of the Town’s Festival from a very young age, completing his first ride out and getting youngest rider at age 7.


Mhairi Braby
Candidate 2015

Mhairi  Braby is 21 years old and attended Musselburgh Burgh Primary School  and  Musselburgh Grammar where she was a prefect in fifth and sixth year. She attended Edinburgh’s Telford College where she gained an NC Early Education in Childcare. At present she is a customer assistant in Tesco Musselburgh and also a seasonal temp in the Card Factory but is hoping to return to work with children.  Mhairi attended Sunday School and Rainbows at Northesk Church before moving to Brownies and Guides at Inveresk Church. When younger she also attended the Nazareth-Scott School of Highland dancing. She has been helping out with the Anchor Boys at the 61st Boys Brigade Company at Northesk Church for 4 years and is hoping to become an Officer. Her hobbies include horse riding, baking, reading and socialising with friends. She became a member of the Musselburgh Crusaders Riding Club in October 2014. She has always been a keen supporter of Festival , taking part in fancy dress parades, highland dancing on Festival Saturday and watching the rideouts, wishing she could take part. She finally got her wish by becoming an attendant in 2014, an experience she will never forget and is truly honoured to  be part of the Official Party, a dream come true.


Claire Colver
Candidate 2015

Claire is 18 years old and attended Stoneyhill Primary School and then Musselburgh Grammar School, where she was a House Captain. Claire has helped in a number of schools in Musselburgh and ran the S1 homework club at the Grammar alongside fellow prefects. She has volunteered at the 6th Musselburgh Brownies for the past four years after attending brownies herself. Claire is currently studying Primary Education with German at Edinburgh University. She enjoys music and she started playing the flute age 11. Since then she has been involved in the Musselburgh Grammar concerts and been a member of the East Lothian Youth Wind Band and Jazz Band. Claire has also taken part in two pantomimes at the Brunton Hall: Jack and the Beanstalk and Dick McWhittington. Throughout her childhood Claire was an active member of the Brunton Youth Theatre group and took part in many productions. In her spare time she enjoys diving, running and baking. Claire enjoys spending time with her family and friends and socialising with others. Claire has always enjoyed watching the festival ride outs and has participated in the fancy dress parade.

Hope Hardie
Candidate 2015

Hope is 23 years old and attended Musselburgh Burgh Nursery, Musselburgh Burgh Primary & Musselburgh Grammar School until the 6th year where she was a Prefect.  While at School and after she left she worked part time at Fords the Baker at Musselburgh Town Hall until it unfortunately closed. She works as a part time Supervisor at New Look Retailers at the Fort and is studying nursing at Edinburgh College. She hopes to go to University in September to study Adult Nursing. She enjoys spending time with her family and socializing with friends. Hope enjoys sports such as trampoling and dancing. In the past she attended Morag Alexander School of Dance. She also enjoys the outdoors and recently has learned to horse ride. She has been a keen supporter of Musselburgh Festival, taking part in the fancy dress parade, cheering on the Official Party and in the past few years volunteering her help on Festival Saturday. She has always wanted to participate in the Festival  Ride out and looks forward  to representing her town during Festival Week in July and visiting other Border towns this summer.

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